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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  June 14, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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"uncle sam wears a hat. "coincidence? yes. "three--where else am i going to live? "france? (bleep) france." captioning made possible by carsey-werner distribution, llc. captioned by the national captioning instutute now... p3 the new petitionncontroversy. ccntroversy.(rocah) 10:32:28 ps unforntauuey widespreaddpat they're doing itt he - motivation?? why the battle over innsttte tuition for illegals cculd end up in court. court.. severe weather.. and then a horrifyinngsccne. scene. (jjak)"thhs ball lightniig ssrike... and why & ooe man couldn't get to safety in time. timm."....nfortunaaely beccusee &pof some thugs down in norfolk,
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33 those gifts" gifts" a congressman mourns. what elijaa cummings is &ppaying about the murder of his nephew. nephew.talking about tolls. ttlll.12:09 "itts gonna cost 3 yearr"what the state heard from motorrsts about pllns for big hikes. hikes. hello i'm jennifer 3 gilbert. and i'm jeff brnn.. 3 the... maryland -3 gearssup ..ffr a poteetial.../ court battle..../ & battll..... it comes as opponents of the dream aat press on in thhirrcollectiin of signatures to repeal a aw that gives illegal immiggaans &pin--tate tuition. & joy lepola... wiih why the acll calll the gathering petitions illegal. 3 i sat down witt an attorney pfr the a-c-l-u whoosays ttis - processsof prr-filled out electtonic orms can more eassly lead o fraud... aad
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lawssiit 3 the weesite of thh maryland board of elections indicctes the prefilled forms are iileggl. buttsupporters -3 of the petitioo process is legal and welcomed. by repeal in-sttte tuition ffr iilegal immigrants need to have nearly 56 thousaad valid opponents arr now questiining & the -c-llu's involvement. &&pinvolvemeet. 3 3 pat mcdonnugh - 9:22:53 wwy they're doing it he mooiiationn they'rr oliticaa hacks! they're yyical radical leffisttwwo support this & pllegal immigrant agenda. they can saayotherriss bu thhttss what ttey are :03butt bbte (rocah) 10:32:28 fraud in the & petitionnprocess is unfornttuley widespread in & ggeerallacross the country andd 3 sayy its concerned about a -3& pooular vte aaout the rights of a minority. ottom - line... if the aclu findd it
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neccssary to sse ... it will. edition. 3&p if youuwant to see he 3&&pfoxbaltimore dot cco and look for illegal iimigrant tuution under hht topics. if you petition and yyu don't have internet access.. call 410-238-0025. p3 conccrneddcommuterss... ccme to a public heariig tonight in soutt baltiiore to dissuss the proposed toll hhkes or maryyand roadwayssthe m-d-t-a &pii pplnninggto innrease tolll.... doobling them in 3 couple yeaas. yeers.melinda roeder is live plan... and he opposstion 3&pmmsttof the comments today corssiigss.. bringinn out pesidents from nnighborhoods like canton and ffderal hill. some drivers ork downtoww... and pass through these ttol are not pleasee aboot payinn moree p3 -3 3 bbttm-d---a officialsssaa the & in ordeer o cover he cost oo &future ccnstructton and
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only source oo evenue for -3 ttese projects s thh tolls they ollect. ssme drivers, hhwever, say this user fee... ffees a lot like an unfair tax. 3 "no doubt aaout t, this is - regressive tax. it will hurt --3 those who mmke lesss haa those who make more... don't think & they've taken that into coosiderattin.""we have o - are quite old. the harbbr -3 ccoosings aaee40 to 500years old." public hearings on thiss isssu... t find out where... baltimore-doo-com... wwere for the tonight from ssuth baltimoree.. -3 melinda rooder... foo 45 news ... late ditiinn- 3 ww asked:are tool hikes the traasportttion ppojects? most &pnot....- 3 maaie writee:not only is the & pas kklling us, but now the olls?"
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tolll?" ericka writess"north pore pppaling!" 33 maryland congressman's nephew. chhissophhe cummings was shot apprtment. then gunman also old' -3 congressman elijah cumminns & gone::--3 3 &p3&ppi belieee cchistooher was beariig trrmendous offssme ttugssdown in norfolk, giffsstte congressman ii - urging anyone withhinformmtion to contaat norfflk olicee 3 pollce say an eecaped --3 inmate....may be in the baltimore aree. area.jerome aylor... wwss serving ttme for a un &pviolatioo.... at the complex .about 1-30 this afternoon... hh walked away from a minimuumseccrity joo assignment...anyone wiih
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information... should call police. 3 p3pbad day... forr.. mcdonald's... mcdonald's... he fast-foodd.. juggarnautt../ appears... po be the victim.... of... 3 on--line picturee.../ on twiittr,.../ displlyed ...aasign taped... to a window...// outssde.... ... mcddnald's restaurant...//. ááchaaringáá african- ameeiiaas.../ an... adddtiinal fee ".../ as... an insurance mmasure .../ p due... too...a recent string of robberres."...// áámmdooald'sááá says... p "that... pic... is an ignooant hoaa...// 3 oonboth sides of the.... ounter." ááánáá investigation... -33 is underway...// 3&p lucky day.../ after ...contracting rabies.../ nn... ánooá áádoctorsáá say... & preciouu eenolds.../ got... rabies from a cca.../ neaa... hhr school.../ áátheyyá say.../ she'ss.. the third personn.. in the u--.../ knnwn... & 3 -3 3 a glen burnieemannis ii
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-3& critical condition tonight.. pftee being sttuck bb liggtnnng at fort smmllwood park. 29-year-old elmer coreas waas n the fishing pier -3 sunday when the torm hii. 3 also on thh pier, bbt whhn he -pefugeein his arr 3 (jjck)"ii wassloud ann crrccing..and its so startledd me nd thee i aw a big oraage -3 ball of fire.. it went up the trre like that and tten it here.""3 p the victim hit by lightning was ggien c.p.r.... onne again, hee s inncriticaa conddtion tonight at shock 3 power's... & daak.../ fter sunday's.../ nastyy 3 went... to bbl air.../ -33 ááonnáá of... the arees... harreet hit,.../ 3& lisa rattjczak5211 i would
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minntes moving branches. put thme in a piie. dean ahhad oofhimm but he'll take it5013 it got very dark very qqickk comparee to the alternative.. 5100 you look at hat happeeed in joolii , mmss, nd for theemost pprt i pake ittmore serious now & tht'ssthe case withh any we tallee to... inntted of just notiiinggweather warnings... they''e accinggon them.5610 - my wiie ysterday afternoon no windows, utg toobe safe. and heree' why. roads over innnorthern harford &pcountt. aa onee point in marrland, more han 3 arr to show how powwrful this torm really -was. napped tree brrnch is hard t quantify... even big branches ikk thhssooe here on -3 a playgrund. bbt one of hte womennwho workds here sresiients ays she does know & piecc of takks to mvv that pddes knoo wwat it sresidents ays she wo workds here one of 3 what it takks to move that big
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&&ppiece of eqqipment... one that motter nature hd nooproblem wwmmn out here ith lot off -3pushing and shovvng,, nd we & can't really move it to -3 dissemble it, and its apart in 3 diff sections ovvr there. &p thisschiid care ccnttr was & cllsed when thh stoom caam through sunddy... buu if it -3 hit today?.... 5909 we would be down in the safe parr --of the basement. we've hadd o practice thhtt it's 33 but those arrunddhere think it's perrect this issall the ddmaae ttey have tt clean up....this time. in pellair... joel d. smith, fox 45 news at ten. . -33 3& much etter weatter ttday.... wwll oor lluk hold out? &pout? &ppet's check in with chief mettorologist vytaa rridd. for a ook at he forecast. 3
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3- 3 he's made eeouuh pics...// - for a phhto albbm...// -3 áweinergateeá continues...//áánewáá phhtos... from a congresssan...// & of his political career. 3 -3 3 p courtrrom outburst... tte pomment... that made this &&pmann. attack a accused -&ppiller. p3 an odd donattin toogooowill 3 that ssocced the sttre peployyes.
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causing your whites to get dingy. new improved tide plus bleach helps to remove the dirt in one wash to bring your whites back to bright. turning tide plus bleach. style is an oprelease, r from tide. 3 more racy picttressof coogressman aathooy weiner ethics inveetigation. these phhtos....came out ovvr theeweekend --/ - ááofáá einer... 3& coogressional gym.../.áátheááá committee... started.../ -3&p a... prelimmnaryy & inquiry... into the constituents ---/ - &pstill... support him. 3 "what he diddwas ddsgusting bbt i hink he iddan excelleen jobb i support him. i would vvte for him again." weiner... is... ttking
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,33 a..../ ááaidá -the american taxpayer...// to get treatment..../ 33 3 seven rrpplicans gathereddin connressman michele accmaa used the ddbatt to mmke er candidaac or president offiiial. 3 p filed today my papeework o &pstatts today nd i'll very sooo be making my ormal annouunement." announcement." baccman and the rest of the republicans 3& romney spent much of thee debate bashing preesddnt obaaa -3 pn evvrythiig frrm jobs to & feddral spending. ppending..- 3 a... ccutroom 3 tape... / áááhenáá attacked... innrhode islann. island. 3 --- man llnggng at 3suspectt-- aa.. -&pfamily member f he murder ttckled... after lunging... att
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theesussectt- / matthee... komm-rowskii.../ ááhh'sáá ccused of kiiling girlfriennd.... &p ááwitteesesáá say ...kkmrowski.... provoked ...the victim's family --/ by... saying.... "they'd... help ppy ffr his bail.. 3 33 twitttr causes trouble oo candiiate ffr mayor, catherine pugh.saturday night taff &&pffirtatiouu weee frommwhat he thought was his private aacount.... saying there were good lookkng men, at chaaity - gallaturnn out, he was logged iitoosenator pugh's account. -3now she's ottlly innocent in all of thiss and it was all one big missnderstanding. bbtt these daas, politicians need tt get control f their tweets. 3 and police are looking for the person who droppee off an urn at a michigan was innan old cardboarr box - marrkd, "graadma'' urn"..nd &pyou cannguees the rest.ttey've & hopiig that sommonn would comm
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bbck o claim grandma.and & hey're ssill wwiting.ttey've turned it over to the police, phooare trying to ttack down 3 goodwill..--3 3 3 --- toss to vytas---ad ii llb 3 3
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3 - 3 mistaae thattcauued a crane.. &ppo crash into a hooe... - 3 3 ccming up next in sports... & pcquisitioonthe orioles want extension...
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a noise,and i knne sommthing &pran." átheáá crane ...tipped overr.. hhtting the house.../ áááheáá garage roof... / ddstroyed.../ áátheáá chimmey... sliccdd &p3 the craneecompany says a 3&ptte mishap..
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dozens f men swap their 3 sneakers for sttlleeos... the reason these ruuners were raccngg i high hhels... 3- 3
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3 p dozees of men... geared -3 up for a biggrace today.... in south arolina.... -33 but the competition was 33 peet.... 3 iits the firsttrunning of the men's heel race.. to benefit the american diabetes get a chance tt experience what ddabeeics go thhouuh....ince oneeside eefect oofthe diseass are problems with feet. he 3 thousand dollars. &p 3 that's all for thh late & edition...thaaks for joinnng us.i'm jeff barnn... and i'm jennifee gilbert..u next is beesure to tune in to foxx5 gooonight. &3
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